• Direct*
  • $39.95/month 512K Downstream/128K Upstream plus 5 Email Boxes
  • Express*
  • $49.95/month 768K Downstream/512K Upstream plus 5 Email Boxes
  • Power*
  • $59.95/month 1024K Downstream/384K Upstream plus 5 Email Boxes
  • Select*
  • $79.95/month 1536K Downstream/512K Upstream plus 5 Email Boxes
  • Performance*
  • $99.95/month 1536K Downstream/768K Upstream plus 5 Email Boxes
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    *Speeds listed are the maximum under optimal conditions. Actual speeds may vary based on the user’s computer system, line capabilities, atmospheric conditions, speed of the internet and other factors


    GOES offers a low priced business grade dial-up plan that allows users to connect over standard telephone and 64k ISDN lines at high speeds using point-to-point protocol (PPP). GOES supports 56K flex/V.90 Technology, allowing the fastest connections at No Extra Charge. 

    All New Monthly customers are to pay by Credit Card only. We will no longer accept checks, cash or money orders from New Monthly Customers. If you do not wish to pay by Credit Card, the other option is to take advantage of our Long-Term Commitments. We will accept check, money orders or Credit Cards for these packages.

  • No Setup Charges
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Free Setup Assistance
  • 15 MB of disk space for email and/or web pages
  • One E-Mail Box
  • V.90 56k modem support
  • Unlimited Access

    ISDN 1 Channel 

    Dedicated line that connects at 64kbps more reliable then a dial-up modem connection ISDN is a digital connection line $25.00(*)

    ISDN 2 Channel

    Dedicated line that connects at 128kbps more reliable then a dial-up modem connection. ISDN is a digital connection line

    ISDN 2 Channel with Static IP

    Same as ISDN 2 Channel plus the convience of having a Static IP Address when you connect. $75.00(*)
    Call for Term Commitments


    Service Charge
    Domain Name registration fees $19.95 per year
    Monthly Fee w/o dialup $25.00
    Monthly Fee with dialup $35.00
    Additional Disk Space (5MB Increments/Month) $5.00
    Additional Email Boxes (Monthly) $2.50
    Additional Domain Name Pointers $5.00
    Additional Notes
  • Domain Name Pointers: You must already have a Web Hosting account with GOES
  • Domain Name Pointers point to existing Domain Site.
  • Data Transfer (Monthly) 500MB
  • Disk Space 15MB
  • Number of Mailboxes 5

    Service Charge
    Filtered Internet Content: Sonic Fire Wall is a filtering service that blocks 99% of adult and otherwise inappropriate sites according to the following filtering criteria: the owners of the site state it is for adults only; that the site is trying to sell, or has ads for, some form of sex service/products; contains sexually-explicit photos of men/women; or contains extremely strong adult language. $5.00
    Additional disk space: Adds a extra megabyte to your personal web space. This is great if you run out of space in your personal homepage. $1.00 per megabyte
    Additional Email aliases: Adds a second identity to your main Email box. For example if you have the email address john@goes.com and the alias of johndoe@goes.com, and someone emails to johndoe@goes.com it will automatically end up in john@goes.com Email box. $1.00 per alias
    Additional Email mailboxes: Like having a PO Box at the Post Office. Great if you have children that want their own Email box $2.50 per mailbox
    Email forwarding: Forwards your Email to another Email address. For example if you have a emailbox with GOES and emailbox with another company, We can forward your GOES email to another Emailbox. $5.00 per Emailbox


    Colocation service is where your server is connected to the internet through our network. Call for 1-908-813-0600 for rental, facility, bandwidth, IPs and support information.



    Call 1-908-813-0600 for more information